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"Saffron" 14K Gold Filled Copper Metallic Tassel Earrings

"Saffron" 14K Gold Filled Copper Metallic Tassel Earrings

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These handmade unique and one-of-a-kind cotton tassel earrings will make a fashionable statement for any fashion conscious lady!

The "Saffron" features a metallic single colour design in copper. Due to this each tassel is individual and has been matched as best as possible to make a pair.

Each tassel has been created using premium 100% polyester thread to create this unique design, super light earring which is perfect for this party season. It also features a 14K gold-filled earring hook and jump rings.

These earrings will transform even the simplest outfit into a fun and stylish one.

- All handmade
- Made from 100% polyester
- 14ct Gold Filled earring hook and findings
- As all items are handmade each may have a slight difference to the photo.
- Not a colour you like? Please get in touch as I can make to order to your colour preference.


Length of Tassel: 6 cm
Total Length of Earring: 8 cm

Please message any questions!

Gold Filled vs Gold Plated
Gold-filled jewellery is also known as rolled gold or gold bonded and means that an actual layer of real gold that has been bonded to another metal usually brass with high heat and pressure.

This outer gold layer must be at least 1/20 of the overall metal content by weight. Therefore it makes a great alternative to gold plating (Plated jewellery is usually just dipped in a thin layer of gold), which is thinner and less durable. Gold-filled is 100x stronger and because of the high heat and pressure which is applied when in the bonding process the gold will not rub off or turn colours as plated jewellery does.

The earring comes on a card.

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