Introducing Welded Bonds Permanent Jewellery by Created By Lau.

Experience the quality and longevity of Welded Bonds Permanent Jewellery, hand welded in our studio in Shipley, Bradford in West Yorkshire.

Our bracelets, ankles, rings and necklaces are made with expertly welded, clasp-less delicate chains in Sterling Silver, gold-filled, or 9kt Gold. With a statement-making design and lasting durability, our permanent jewellery offers the perfect combination of style and substance. Discover Welded Bonds Permanent Jewellery by Created By Lau today.

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1. Choose your chain

Choose the perfect chain for your permanent jewellery piece from our selection in sterling silver or gold filled.

2. Choose a charm

Make your jewellery true to your personal style by adding a small charm or connector to your permanent jewellery if you wish to.

3. Get measured for the perfect fit

Once you have chosen Your combination, we measure you individually to ensure the perfect fit. When fitted correctly you will barely feel the bracelet.

4. Weld bracelet together

We laser weld your jewellery to create a secure permanent bond. The process is visible, adding an exciting element to your experience!

5. That’s the wrap and the result is stunning!

With laser welding now completed, the Welded Bonds experience comes to an end. Whether you've shared it with family, a friend, a soulmate, or a lover, you'll be united by the ultimate bond forever.

Other Services We Offer

Me, Myself & I - Welded Bonds by Created By Lau

Embark on a journey of self-expression with Welded Bonds - Me, Myself & I solo booking at our Shipley studios in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Delve into the art of permanent jewellery creation in a serene setting, where you can craft a piece that reflects your unique essence and style, leaving with not just jewellery, but a symbol of your inner strength and beauty.

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Connections - Welded Bonds By Created By Lau

Unlock the power of connection with our Welded Bonds - Connections group booking for 2 or more people at our studios in Shipley, Bradford, West Yorkshire. Experience the joy of creating everlasting memories alongside your loved ones as you craft unique and meaningful pieces of permanent jewellery together, all within the vibrant atmosphere of our welcoming studios.

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Jewellery Party - Welded Bonds by Created By Lau

Indulge in a Ladies' Night with a twist by hosting a Welded Bonds Jewellery Party! Gather your friends for an unforgettable evening of shopping exquisite creations by Created By Lau Jewellery while forging everlasting bonds with our stunning permanent jewellery. Host a party that's not only about style but also about creating enduring connections with those you cherish most. This is hosted in your home and is a fun event with a twist!

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Eternal Celebrations - Welded Bonds by Created By Lau

Elevate your wedding or hen party experience with Eternal Celebrations. Whether you're seeking thoughtful gifts for your bridesmaids as you prepare on the big day or unforgettable favours for your guests, our unique permanent jewellery pieces create lasting bonds and cherished memories. Let us enhance your hen party with a touch of magic, providing your hens with a keepsake that forever bonds you all, ensuring your special day is eternally celebrated in style.

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Welded Bonds Permanent Jewellery FAQ

What is a Welded Bonds Permanent Jewellery?

Permanent jewelry involves welding a chain directly onto an individual, eliminating the necessity for a clasp. This guarantees enduring wear without ever having to take off the jewelry. While permanent bracelets are favored by many, we also offer anklets and necklaces, expanding our range of options to cater to diverse customer preferences.

How much is does Welded Bonds Permanent Jewellery cost?

Our Welded Bond Jewellery come in a choice of Sterling Silver or Gold filled and start at £50 for a bracelet depending on the chain you choose. If you would like a charm or connector added to your jewellery then there will be an additional charge for these which start from £15. You can find more about our prices HERE.

How do I order the Welded Bonds Permanent Jewellery?

You have to book an appointment to purchase a Welded Bonds Permanent Jewellery. Appointments are held in our studio and take approximately 30 Minutes for up to 2 people. This includes choosing your chain, getting measured and then the actual laser welding / fitted. Appointments can be made HERE

Where can I get a Welded Bonds Permanent Jewellery fitted?

We measure and fit the Welded Forever Bracelet in our studio in Shipley, West Yorkshire.

Can I remove my Welded Bonds Permanent Jewellery?

Welded Bonds Permanent Jewellery can be removed by cutting the chain with a pair of scissors.

Does the laser welding hurt?

No, the laser welding happens on the metal only and we place protection on your wrist to be 100% safe. It's a really positive experience!

I have removed my jewellery or I would like to change wrists/ankles - Can I get the jewellery re-laser welded?

Yes, absolutely. There is a £10 charge for this.

My Welded Bonds Permanent Jewellery has broken because I snagged it on something. Can I get it repaired and re-laser welded to me?

This is very rare however don't worry we can repair it! Please call to make an appointment and the charge for this will be £10. You will need to visit in person.

How do I book an appointment?

Appointments can be booked HERE.