Our Story



With a zoom call...

To pass some time in lockdown I created some tassel earrings for myself to wear when I was on Zoom calls. Little did I imagine that I would have my own little place on the world wide web selling jewellery when I created them.

After jumping on so many calls with women throughout the summer of 2020, I was blown away with the number of comments I was receiving on them and when I responded with I made them, they instant said, “ Do you have a store?

So many comments and a little research thanks to Facebook got me thinking why not give it a go and see what happens!

I officially launched my Etsy Store in Oct 2020 and within the first hour made my first sale! 

I couldn’t believe that people wanted my creations but I kept on creating more designs and month by month I was selling more and spreading the word about my brand.

This sparked a fire within my soul so I started to look at other materials I could start to use in my designs and here we are on the brand new home of Created By Lau. It has transformed my life into a world of creation, something that I forgot I was so passionate about when I was a teenager but let me tell you a little more about me...


Hello, I'm Laura Jane the owner, designer and creator of all the products that you see in the Created By Lau Shop. By day I'm a buyer for a sports e-retailer, by night I am the maker of unique and stylish jewellery and accessories.


I understand that not all of us want to buy things from the same place as everyone else. Can you imagine that dreaded feeling that you get when you meet your friend for lunch and see that you are both wearing the same thing. 


That’s why here at Created By Lau, I believe that we should all be stylish in our own individual way but without the worry of someone else wearing the same thing. 


I only ever create one-offs or small batches because I don’t believe in mass-producing as most retail stores do. This means that you show kindness to the world as the fast fashion industry is the third biggest polluter on the planet.


So shopping from a small business is not only good for the owner but you are also making a difference to the planet too.


I also believe that accessories are the items that can transform your outfits so buying into something that you love from a handmade creator can change that feeling of "what should I wear today?" into "I can’t wait to get dressed" feeling all with the confidence that what you are putting on has been created just for you!